It’s never too early to start helping your child with auditory and cognitive development.

With any of the instruments, gently make sound on either the right or left side of your baby’s head, not too close to the ear. Children move their head towards sounds. Watch as your child tracks the sounds you make. Allow them time to focus on the colorful beads or the movement of the bells inside the roller. After you’ve done this a few times, begin to sing your favorite song, moving the instrument rhythmically, keeping the beat. Let them carefully kick the instruments with their feet, or grab onto the handles of the rolling bells or rolling shapes.

Tummy Time for Infants

Roll the any of the shakers back and forth between your hands and as your child gets to the crawling stage. Use the sound and the movement of the instrument to be incentive for your baby to crawl towards it.Always remember to sing or chant your favorite nursery rhyme as you interact with your child.